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Pre-Retirees and Retirees

Taking Steps Toward Your Retirement Reality

Taking Steps Toward Your Retirement Reality

What does your ideal retirement look like? What will it take to get there? Our approach to retirement planning considers the facts and the tangible steps and sacrifices you need to take to live the retirement you want. We look at your current situation – including your Social Security, personal savings, investments, and qualified-retirement plans – then consider your potential retirement-income sources to maximize your cash flow for long-term financial security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever your goals are for retirement, this next chapter will have many new meanings and experiences. Our experienced team creates solutions as you navigate, plan, and prepare for retirement, and we listen when you ask questions, such as:

  • Should I pay off my mortgage before I retire?
  • How can I manage other debt while saving for retirement?
  • What should my retirement savings goal be?
  • Should I max out my employer's matching contributions to my workplace retirement plan? What else should I be doing?
  • What is the best investment strategy for someone in my current situation and life stage?
  • How should I save and pay for my kids’ college education?
  • How can I incorporate care for aging parents into my financial plans?

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